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Where does your rice come from?

We source from trusted suppliers from throughout Southeast Asia.

Why aren't you sourcing rice from the farmers you're currenty helping?

Well, that's one of the main problems we're working on tackling! The farmers we work with produce rice that is unavailable to pass quality control checks for countries such as the UK or the EU. Our goal is to reinvest enough profits from our rice sales to help them build a supply chain that is able to ensure their rice meets quality standards. One of our goals is to bring their rice directly to your table!


Is rice healthy?

Rice is an excellent food source, it has been found to be very easy to digest. It is low in fat, low in cholesterol, high in starch, and has a high nutritional content. Rice also contains a range of important nutrients, including vitamins B and E vitamins, protein, and minerals - especially potassium which helps the body reduce toxins.

What's the best way to cook/eat rice?

One of the best and easiest ways to cook rice is using a rice cooker. It can also be done through boiling it with water. Follow the instructions on your cooker or as indicated on the packet for best results!

Rice is normally best if served immediately after cooking. Check out some of our recommended rice recipes here:

Is your rice organic?

Unfortunately, our rice isn't organically grown yet but it's coming soon!

For any rice requests pop us an email at! 


Why are you building a different supply chain for rice?

That’s because the current rice supply chain is very fragmented and this results in a lot of grain losses. Due to this supply chain, farmers get low prices at sale and as a result they are unable to access more efficient agriculture technologies which results in significant losses.
So at Rice Inc, we aim to provide farmers with the sustainable agriculture technologies they desperately need. These technologies will form a sustainable supply chain that is accessible to farmers and allows them to connect directly to high value markets to get fairer prices for their crop.

Why did you choose to focus on drying?

Drying is a critical step of the supply chain that's done after harvesting. After harvest, fresh paddy first needs to be dried before it can be transported for storage or milling. If it isn’t dried properly, not only do we lose a significant amount of rice in the process but losses will also occur in transportation, during storage and while milling the rice. Therefore, by focusing on ensuring proper drying practices and equipment, we ensure that other post harvest losses downstream are minimized as well.

Where did you get your dryers from?

We source our dryers by working with local manufacturers of where are farmers are based.

How do the dryers actually help the farmers?

We operate a “laundromat” for drying rice. We install our Rice Inc Biomass Dryer in our target villages. During harvest, farmers bring their fresh paddy to our hub and lease our dryer at an affordable fixed fee. They are then able to take their dried paddy to either store it for consumption, or to sell at a later date or to sell it immediately.

By using our dryers, farmers are able to reduce their post-harvest grain loss caused by drying, dry 24 times faster than sun-drying and produce a better quality crop that can command a higher price. They are also able to store it to sell at a later date, leveraging off-season prices which are higher.

What is your impact to date?

To date we have helped over 150 farmers dry their rice properly and saved an equivalent of 1,500,000 meals of rice from being wasted.

Find our up to date numbers here!

What's next after drying?

Our future plans for Rice Inc’s impact can be found via our impact arm: Rice Impact. Rice Impact is a comprehensive platform that will oversee all of Rice Inc’s impact initiatives as well as expand it’s remit to cover a broader range of issues that plague smallholder rice farmers and the industry.

Find out more about Rice Impact at:


Why and how did Rice Inc start?

Rice Inc was started in December 2017, when our co-founders, Kisum and Lincoln were undergraduate students at University College London. They discovered an article that said up to 80% of rice was wasted before it gets to plate! They felt that was an impossible... they ate rice everyday so how could so much of it be wasted? That began Rice Inc’s journey as our co-founders began to explore the world of rice and it’s challenges.

What's the HULT Prize?

The HULT Prize is the world’s largest competition for social enterprises that is co-hosted by President Bill Clinton, the United Nations and the HULT Prize Foundation. Rice Inc was honoured to be selected as the 2018 HULT Prize Global Winners.

What are the future plans for Rice Inc?

Our future plans have always been to create the supply chain of the future for rice. We aim to reinvest profits from all our rice sales to tackle each part of the supply chain by providing smallholder farmers with the agriculture technology to revitalize that particular part of the supply chain, starting with drying. In the end, we hope to be able to connect smallholder farmers with high value markets, creating a sustainable supply chain that decommoditizes rice and allows farmers ethical prices.

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