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with every bowl

effortlessly make every meal sustainable

Restaurants all over the world are making the sustainable switch to Rice Inc’s Impact Rice.

If you’re a wholesaler, retailer or food service operator, you could make a significant difference to the planet by switching to a sustainable rice brand.

Not only that, but it provides a fantastic story to tell your customers.


Change starts anywhere, no matter how big or small. At Rice Inc, we firmly believe that every grain matters. Every bowl of our rice that you use is making a difference today.

Stand out and impress your customers by demonstrating a commitment to ending food insecurity and reducing your impact on the environment!


of consumers want sustainable and ethical food stocked


of consumers believe ethical considerations matter when choosing where to eat


think businesses should do more for the planet

fight food waste

All impact rice are part of our bowl for a bowl program where an the same amount of rice bought is saved from being wasted.

This is made possible by reinvesting profits from every sale get reinvested to empower small holder farmers to fight rice wastage by getting them better farming equipment.

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